Pioneers Cabin CRUSHED under FBC’s GIANT BARE FEET!!

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Category: Gigantess
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These settlers thought the new giant land of bountiful crops and wonder would yield great for those waiting for them back home. Little did they know this giant land was still inhabited, by one very angry GIANT! Pissed that these fleas are invading her land and setting up homes!? She will have none of it, STOMPING towards the tiny cabin, her feet BOOM with every step. It isn’t long before it’s DEMOLISHED and left in pieces in one of her GIANT FOOTPRINTS! Inhabitants and all! – AUDIO!! Adios!

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2 years ago

Yes this is why I join this page to hear sound like this, hard stomping not silence , what a turn on this video!🙌🏾😇 I’ll give it 5 stars!

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