TAL fires her new hire PERMANENTLY!! “

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TAL completely forgot the new hire started today, asking who is this “puny little woman at my feet”. Finally apologizing that she hasn’t “prepared anything for you do to…” but thinks quickly and decides being under her ENORMOUS SOLE would qualify as some sort of work! She casually talks to a co worker, asking “can you believe they hired somebody this small” and telling her “She’s just tatto’d to the bottom of my foot… yea she’s really stuck in the cracks…”. All the while this poor little woman fights to survive under her GIGANTIC FEET!!! Finally she addresses the tiny woman below telling her ” I have emails to check…” as she lifts her foot over the girl, lowering it and stating “You can just hang out down there…”, occasionally lifting her foot and asking “are you still breathing?” Finally TAL decides to take matters in her own hands, firing the puny woman on her first day, stating “I’m sorry our company just does not have room for someone so small…” CRUUUNNCCCH!! Hot gts tease and crush with UNDER GLASS POV!   – Audio! Adios!!

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