HelP!! Teacher!! We’re not fleas!! We’re not Fleas!! Don’t crush us!!

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This poor class wasn’t very popular in school, focusing on their studies in math and science. When suddenly in the lab they found themselves shrunk as small as fleas! As if that wasn’t bad enough one of the popular girls thought it would be funny to plaster them into a wad of her gum and leave them for Professor Coco to find. Unfortunately for the students Professor Coco isn’t very mindful of her surroundings. Watch as her GIGANTIC SIZE 10 SOLES drop right in front of the tiny class. Her HUGE FEET pump up and down, almost crushing the little students as they beg up to their teacher for help! Their tiny cries never reach the professor and when she finally does notice the teeny grouping of meek students its with frustration. Judging the minuscule pack of students as a hoard of fleas and raining her justice down upon them, her GINORMOUS SOLES! EXTREME CRUSH! Watch her MASSIVE FEET flatten these poor students repeatedly, before she balls up the tiny group and CRUSHES them once more, until part of the class is plastered on her soles. Ms Coco is relentless in this clip! HOT!! – No Audio

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