Giantess Ms Fifi confuses day laborers for Bugs!

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Category: Gigantess
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Goddess Ms Fifi completely forgot she hired a few day laborers to remodel her basement, leaving them to work while she stepped out. Unforuentnly for them she is absent minded and forgetful, coming home and completely obilivious that the tiny crew is silent and missing from her house, down below at her COLOSSAL SANDALDED FEET screaming for help! The whole crew shouting at the top of their lungs as her ENOROMOUS SOLES slip of her sandals, threatening to leave the crew a smear in the carpet! And just when the crew thinks they are saved they realize she is confusing them for bugs, lifting her TITANICALLY WIDE SOLE over the group, stomping down until they’re erased… – DISCOUNTED – No Audio

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