Giantess Step-Mom Buries Her Step-son’s Friends Alive in the Carpet!!

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Little Tommy and Petey should have told their friend they were going to swing by, now because of their carelessness nobody knows they’ve been shrunk and LOST in a sea of carpet! At the mercy of whatever COLOSSAL BEINGS come their way. Like GIANTESS STEP-MOM Mrs Martelli! She walks over to answer the phone, obvious of the teeny boys below! Screaming as her GIANT SANDALS almost land on top of them! Now they have to contend with her IMPOSSIBLY HUGE FEET! Slipping in and out of her sandals, threatening to SQUASH them into tiny stains! They yell at the top of their lungs but it’s no use, as her HUMONGOUS ROUND HEEL lowers, silencing their annoying screams, leaving them buried deep into the carpet. They’re too puny and weak to pull themselves out of the fiber, and now have to spend the rest of their short days at the mercy of MASSIVE STEP-MOM SOLES – Disctouned – No audio

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