Tiny Timmy CAPTURED by Former Foot Domme “You’re going to clean my shoes… all day, everyday…”

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Category: Shirinking Fetish
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Tiny Timmy has a GIGANTIC PROBLEM when his Step-Mom’s friend comes over and CAPTURES him! She picks him up and toys with him in her hand a big before putting him down and looming her MASSIVE TOES over him, going on about how he’s going to be her new foot slave, and to worship her feet and clean her shoes! Telling him that “People are going to come looking for you… and they won’t be able to find you because you’ll be locked up in my shoe closet” and “You tiny little man… you’re going to be my personal shoe cleaner”. Before she decided it would be better to leave him a stain for his step-mother to find! CRUNNNNCH! – Audio! Adios!

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