College Doll Can’t play Nice

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Category: Crush
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College Doll is home for break, in what she hoped would be a relaxing time back home ends up to be a disaster as the neighbor’s brats won’t shut up! Making an incredible racket outside… this GIANT COLLEGE STUDENT decides to make sure they don’t ever make another sound again, at least one that a human ear could hear. Misting them with her shrink spray from the window these two brats are now the size of gnats! Screaming for help! Yet they won’t get any help from this GIANTESS! They get NO MERCY! In fact they get and she threatens to SQUASH THEM with her MIGHTY SOLES and GIGANTIC TOES! The teeny duo screams are never heard by anything bigger then a bug, and eventually silenced permanently as they are TATTOO to the bottom of a GIANT SOLE! – No audio

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