FBC and SMALL SARAH! “Hold on I think there is a little bug…” – ‘No! Please! I’m not a bug!!!

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FBC is talking to another co worker about the new hire, Sarah, or as the office has dubbed her ‘SMALL SARAH‘. She goes on about how she loves “being so tall… especially around tiny people Sarah“, and that the running joke in the office should be “You know how tiny sarah is…”. FBC continues telling her friend that sarah “Gets whiplash just by looking up at me” and that once “She fell in my cereal… she was in my milk… I just heard a buzz, I guess that was her screaming”. Finally coming to the conclusion that Sarah is “so annoying small” that she should just spend the “rest of her tiny little career” cleaning the insides of offices GIANT work shoes! She will “just sit there and clean our huge shoes…”. Lots of GTS tease all the while tiny Sarah is below trying to get this GODDESS’ attention… will she succeed or be confused as a bug? – AUDIO!! Adios!

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