Moody College Athlete Squashes the boys!

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Heidi has had it up to HERE with her roommate Ben and his friends, they’re always coming over, always making messes, and loud all through the night! Unfortunately she signed a lease and can’t get out of this rat’s nest… that is unless Ben was to go missing. Lucky enough for Heidi, Ben and his friends were fooling around with shrinking dust when POOF they almost shrunken themselves to nothing. Hearing this Heidi seizes her opportunity and comes down the stairs to find her poor tiny roommate and friends SHRUNK to the size of ANTS! Now she gets her revenge, with her GIGANTIC FEET! But she won’t just squish them outright, she has some fun with them first, lowering her GIANT SOLES upon them, curling her toes over them, and flicking them around before she finishes them off… CRUNCH – No Audio

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