Fiery Red Head ha tasks for her new PUNY MAID!

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Category: Gigantess
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FRH comes home to find her new maid who is… TINY! She doesn’t believe the pathetic little girl can do anything for her so she gives her a new set of jobs, to “worship and clean my feet…” threatening to squash her if she doesn’t do a good job. She pants her HUGE SOLES down at the poor little girl, stomping around her and telling her “clean them with that dirty little tongue of yours…”. Finally after tormenting the new maid she decides she is too annoying and SQUASHES her without warning, calling her a “little bug” as she lowers her GIANT FOOT on the screaming girl! Before lifting her foot and showcasing the little flea woman and berating her further! Multiple crushes and walk bys!  – Audio! Adios!


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