FBC is back! Kicking up her DIRTY CHUCKS, SOCKS, and BARE SOLES in your face!!

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The Former center with GIGANTIC FEET is back and ready to blow your foot perv minds in this triple threat, SNEAKER, SOCKS, and SOLES!! FBC just happened to be in my neck of the woods and I knew I had to seize the moment, thank god I did too, big soles are so hard to come by! She is all for helping anyone with a BIG FOOT addiction! Lifting her filthy shoes up and quickly kicking them off, to expose her SUPER WORN and smelly socks!! After that it’s some sock stripping, only using her long toes, until the best part, GIANT BARE SOLES!! God this girl is so sexy and her feet are so huge… could you ask for anything more? – No audio

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