-AM confuses repair men for BUGS! “Great gnats…” – ‘ No! Mrs! We’re the repair men! Nooo!!”

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Category: Gigantess
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AMis great in this COMPLETELY UNAWARE GTS clip! She is waiting for the A/C repairmen but it’s been hours and they still haven’t arrived! Little does she know they walked in ages ago but a strange liquid in the lines SHRUNK the TRIO! Now they’re TINY and TRAPPED in the shadow of her COLOSSAL FEET! Get TOWERING views of her HUGE SOLES stretching up into the oblivion that is the sky as she constantly complains about the heat and missing repairmen! She turns around eventually but it still doesn’t help the PUNY MEN who scream to be seen, as her MASSIVE TOES cast a shadow on their pathetically small forms! They’re nearly CRUSHED constantly until they finally are noticed… but confused for GNATS! Now they’re going to be RUBBED OUT under her GIANT FEET! – Audio! Adios!

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