Tex returns from practice, never notices the guys below!

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Ed invited some of the guys from work to come over to his place, if they only knew what was to come, they wouldn’t have came. Overly excited to show his friends the shrinking ray the lab was working on, it accidently goes and shrinks the entire group. As they bicker over what do a thunder approached them from behind as Ed’s giant step-daughter Tex returns from pratice, nearly squashing the TEENY group as she merely walks by! She is utterly GIGANTIC! Her MASSIVE flip flops alone tower over the newly shrunken men! Just their presence knocking them on their feet as they scream futility!!

Up high above Tex hears none of their puny little cries, playing on her phone as down below her COLOSSALLY TALL feet slip out of her sandals and tower over the group, so BIG many of them faint at the sight! They aren’t even the size of her pinky toe! This can’t last forever though as Tex eventually shifts her weight back and SPLAT, the WHOLE office is now SMEARED into the carpet, just a grease stain Ed’s wife will puzzle over tonight. Tex eventually walks away, leaving them in their tomb, her massive footprint! – No audio

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