Giant Bun Squashes Puny Woman under her Immensely Wide Bare Soles!

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Category: Crush, Gigantess
Full Video: 4 Minutes
Resolution: 1920x1080 MP4
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These tiny woman made the mistake of walking into GIANT Bun’s house! Lost and confused they do their best to escape before starling anyone but it’s too late! Bun has come across the little fleas! Now they’ll never escape, and live the rest of their very short lives under her GIANT BARE SOLES! Incredible POV under glass crush views! Just watch how wide Bun’s soles really are, as she rests her weight on the frail little woman! She soles stretching out far and wide! Nothing like THICK WIDE ASIAN SOLES squashing itty bitty women into oblivion! – No audio

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