Snob loves watching Tiny Men Struggle With her Giant Flats and Colossal Soles!

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Category: Shirinking Fetish
Full Video: 4 Minutes
Resolution: 1920x1080 MP4
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Watch this SNOB walk over and torment TEENY FLEA MEN she finds stuck in her OLD CHEWED UP GUM! They’re trapped pretty good when she walks in upon them and immediately steps out of her MASSIVE FLATS, letting the aroma of her feet wash over the helpless shrinkes. She teases them with her TITANIC TOES before turning around and giving them a does of her MEGA WIDE SOLES, letting just the presence of SKYSCRAPER HIGH SOLES knock them over! Until they start to Bore her and she decides to leave them ENTOMBED in her OLD CUM! CRUSH!! – No Audio

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