Basketball Blonde Spectator Crush!

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Category: Gigantess
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These poor puny spectators keep falling into this Blonde Giant’s trap! Managing to get themselves trapped in the gooey old hardening gum, as they try to rescue another already imprisoned inside. He was just bait though! This giantess knew they’d come running to help and now they’re all doomed! Watch as her Colossal feet rain terror down on the tiny crowd! As they scream and plead for mercy before this blonde tires of them and squashed them all in one foot step. Letting the MASSIVE ball of her feet roll over and flatten them under immense pressure and weight, until they’re entombed in her dirty old gum. Doomed to watch as her GIGANTIC BARE HEEL comes over and twists them into a smear on the floor! – DISCOUNTED – No audio

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