OC SQUASHES the Boys! “Oh God is that your step-mom’s Friend?!

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Category: Gigantess
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These boys decided it would be fun to shrink themselves, unfortunately they picked the worst time to do so as this GIANT COUGAR walks in on them. Visiting her friend she never expected to find two shrunk boys all to herself, as she loves squished tiny little men! Get SUPER INTIMATE VIEWS of these two peons and their demise! SUPER HOT GTS close up of them getting SQUISHED and PLASTERED to the bottom of her GIANT SOLES, or CRUSHED individually under different feet, EMBEDDED INTO the CRACKS of her feet and toes! Watch their little bodies flake off only to have her GIGANTIC FOOT squash them again and again! Awesome traditional GTS views and EXTREME POV views! – No audio

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