British Girl Hates Tiny Tourists “No Please! Please don’t Squash Us!! We Have Visas!!

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This GIANTESS hates when TEENY TINY Tourists visit the LAND OF GIANTS. she especially hates when they cause little accidents and crowd her walkway. She doesn’t care if they have visas. If they want first hand view of a giant, she’ll give it to them. Walking up nice and slow and teasing the TINY TOURIST trapped in their little flea cars, pumping her HUGE SOLES up and down, all over them. They beg for mercy but she already made up her mind, her GIGANTIC FEET towering over them, before finally she tires and decides it’s time to finish these pests. Crushing the tiny mass under her foot, lifting it up and looking at the tiny scrap metal stuck to her sole. AMAZING views, this girl knows exactly what buttons to push, moving her feet nice and slow as if she was moving in slow motion. The best part though is the way the cars end up plastered to her soles, especially when she walks off with the cars stuck to her soles. HOT – NO Audio

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2 years ago

Awesome video like most but I wish I could hear the noise as she crush, most of the videos I can’t really enjoy because of no sound.

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