Blonde Exchange Students White sneakers and socks!

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I love to see see girl’s insoles! I just love seeing the imprint of their soles! You can almost imagine that imprint being in your face. Lucky for us we get a brief window inside this girl’s well worn sneakers! It happens briefly in the beginning but it is so hot. Not sure what type of sneakers these are as I’ve never seen a pair like them but I love how the insides look, almost as if they were leather. I should have asked her to just hold out both her shoes! Anyhow the sneaker tease is brief in this clip but you get to see her sneaker soles, after that she has crisp white socks on until about the half way point where she strips them off and you get to see her bare soles. Sneakers, socks, and bare soles, what a combo! – No Audio

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