Big Blonde – Where did the Movers Go

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Category: Crush, Gigantess
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Amazing two part clip! The first of the clip is a tribute to my insatiable desire of unaware crush. The movers got the orders mixed up and sent a pack of fleas over to a GIANT’s house! You can already imagine what happens as this GIANTESS has no clue where her moving crew is! Right under her nose… or better said toe! Watch as the Amazonian blonde with HUGE SIZE 11 SOLES stands on the phone bitching out the sales rep over her movers, while the tiny pack of bugs pleads that they got sent to the wrong house, begging and screaming for help before the inevitable happens and they get CRUSHED! There is a heart STOPPING part where her big fat mighty heel lands on the group and twists before lifting up and they are mashed into the carpet, as if it was their tomb! The second part of this clip which is a little over 1/4 of the clip is the blonde goddess teasing the tiny people with her super long toes before tattooing them into her foot print! – NO Audio

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