Barbie’s Gross Wedges And Pantyhose Soles!

Category: Pantyhose Domination, Soles
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“Get off on my fucking disgus~Ughhh,You’re nasty! Fucking nasty!. Beautiful gorgeous Barbie is GROSSED OUT by the bottom of her wedges! They are covered in what she thinks is “Goose !” before noticing you and being disgusted that “you want to clean them off with your fucking mouth!, that is so fucking disgusting!!”. Then noticing something else “EW!! …what is that bubble gum and goose !?”, she is appalled, asking “you probably liked that didn’t you!? …who likes that!?”. Before getting pissed that you’re getting off on her disgust! Finally deciding it’s time you go with two glorious middle figners!!! “You know what FUCK you! You piece of ! We’re done here, FUCK you! Get the FUCK out!” – Audio!! Adios


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