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Category: Gigantess
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TAL is on the phone with her friend complaining about the new hire from Shrinktopia! Continually telling her how pathetic she is, going into detail about how the tiny girl “fell off the desk and landed in my giant flats… she spent the whole day in my shoes… god she is so puny…”. Before they start to gossip on how small her little car is ” How do you even find a car that little… it’s so so lame” and asking “Where do you even buy a car that small, a toy store? I almost stepped on her car one day… I don’t think I’d even notice if I did…” all the while down below, enduring this GIANT’s humiliation, this poor tiny girl must watch in horror as her car is CRUSHED FLAT under this GIANT’S BARE SOLE! TAL doesn’t even notice but eventually all the commotion and screaming below garners her attention, sad to say not the good kind, as she confuses her co worker for a flea! Quickly SQUASHING and disposing of the tiny woman!!   – No audio

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2 years ago

This is FBC, not TAL!

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