Super Model Takes No Pity On Tiny Cops!

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“Sorry to bother you Ms but we were, WAIT NO DON’T SQUISH US. These two PUNY public servents picked the wrong civilian to ask for help! After their car runs out of gas they hope a friendly passer by will come to the civil serverts aid. This GIANT MODEL will gladly help these two flea sized crime stoppers… by STOMPING THEM OUT! This GIANTESS was never a fan of the police, and now she has two right where she thinks they all belong, under the sole of her DIRTY SANDAL! Watch as she torments the two, hovering her GIANT SOLE over them before squashing their police car flatter than paper! After that the two can barely scream before they’re FLATTENED into garbage on the bottom of her shoe! Bonus quick crush clip at the end! – No audio


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