Stuck up friend Rolls Her Eyes at your obsession with her Big Soles!

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I can’t believe how rough this video came out thinking back on it. I had no clue she was this displeased with me filming her feet, when I was taping I didn’t notice her roll her eyes at all. I think I was so focused on those BIG FAT SOLES OF HER. You all should know by now I love big thick feet, when soles have a weight to them they just seem that much more substantial. Anyhow speaking back on my stuck up friend with HUGE SOLES, this clip is fairly familiar, off centered she rolls her eyes before laying back and letting you indulge in your fetish, SOLE WORSHIP, I get just a big closer and her soles give some great LONG FLEXES… stretching the tendons of her soles as her TOES rub and caress the sides of her feet… all you could want in a sole show – No Audio

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