Step-Mom NB thinks she spots a little beetle..

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Category: Gigantess
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NB‘s step-son decided to play with Step-Dad’s shrink ray again, this time shrinking himself and his car to an absolute teeny size. Joy riding at such a small size seemed like so much fun until his GIANT STEPMOM came home early from her errands! She can’t believe a little beetle has made it’s way inside HER home. She tries shoo it off at first, completely oblivious her teeny step-son is inside below! Blaring the horn and screaming out the window for her to stop! Sadly his pleas and honking don’t reach her GIANT ears. Soon his tiny car and him end up in the crater on the bottom of his GIGANTIC STEPMOM‘S shoe! No dialogue but stomping audio!  – Audio! Adios!

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