Puny Maid Fired On The Spot!

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CRUSHED by GIANT COUGAR! “No! Wait! They can’t fire me over the phone! Nooo!!!. This puny little maid picked the wrong company to work for! They get no benefits, little pay, no holiday, and worst of all they have to clean the houses belonging to GIANTS! Things have gone ok so far but soon this tiny maid comes across a GIANT COUGAR who isn’t too pleased with his cleaning or his size! After finding out they sent the smallest maid alive she him to clean the bottom of her foot while she gets to the bottom of this! Complaining to his company until they’ve had enough and declare him fired, leaving him at the mercy of this CRUEL GIANT COUGAR! She wastes no time taking care of the pitiful puny maid lifting her foot over him as he begs for her to call them back! It’s too late though, he’s FIRED!! – Audio! Adios!


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