Missing students never Found!

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Category: Gigantess
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Ms Lee has come after school hours to give students a chance for extra credit, only to find none of her A+ students are to be found. Little does she know that the students are there, they’ve just be SHRUNK instantly. Now screaming at the top of their lungs as Ms Lee calls the office to see if they know where her students are. Sadly for them their teeny voices never make it past the top of Ms Lee’s DIRTY and SMELLY flats! Now they can only watch in panic as Ms Lee’s COLOSSAL SHOE nearly lands on them, yelling for help, all the while Ms Lee speaks on the phone without a clue. Slipping her barefoot out of the confines to stretch her toes the students are INSTANTLY silenced! Pressed FLATTER then paper and embedded into the CRACKS of Ms Lee’s GIANT SOLE!


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