Macy has a great new job! Just one thing, her boss stuffs his dick in her pantyhose! B cam

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Category: Foot Fetish, Foot Massage, Footjobs
Full Video: 17 Minutes
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Custom B Camera footage Macy is having a great time at her new job! She gets great pay and benefits and everyone is really nice. She is telling this to her friend on the phone when finally she does admit there is one thing that is off about the job. Her boss is obsessed with feet, especially stuffing his dick inside the staffs pantyhose. She tells her friend it’s fine though, even as her boss comes in and fondles her feet, pressing his shaft all over her toes until she strokes him. Macy goes on with her conversion while mindlessly stroking him. At one point even asking to finish an email while tugging on his dick. Finally at the end he cums on her feet, it’s enough to make her lose it.


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