Jersey Step-Mom’s Big Grimy Soles!

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Check out this Step-Mom’s GIANT FEET! She didn’t even bother to clean them up, leaving them smeared with the GUNK from her big strappy flip flops! Just BIG HUGE SWOLLEN THICK SOLES! The kind you see in the street and dream of. She is a size 10 but I have to say the best thing about her feet isn’t their size but her ARCHES! OMG when she first flexed I couldn’t help but get stiff, her arches are INSANE! These are the kind of soles you see propped up and you have to fight the urge just to rub your crotch all over them. She was a huge tease… she knows all about guys with foot fetishes and man can she exploite it. You wouldn’t believe her age if I told you. Plus her toe spread was pretty ridic too… really sexy pair of soles – No audio

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