Giant Step-Mom Doesn’t See The School Bus!

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“EW all these FLEAS came out!!” – ‘No STEP-MOM WAIT!!!’ **CRUCH!. BBW GIANTESS is at the bus stop waiting for it to arrive, completely OBLIVIOUS that the TINY BUS filled with brats is right under her, screaming for help!! She mutters to herself about how the bus is always late, how she’ll have to call the school, all the while her GIGANTIC FOOT rests on the roof of the bus, slowly causing it to cave until she notices a ‘weird’ bug on her foot and decides to CRUSH IT! Noticing the little fleas pouring out she decides to SQUASH THEM TOO! All the while they SHRIEK at the top of their lungs “MOOOOM! DON”T!!!”

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