Giant European Step-Mom Finds a Minuscule Gnat Woman

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Category: Finger Fetish, Gigantess
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It’s been long requested, so I’m finally trying to do these hand clips justice! This GIANT European STEP-MOM couldn’t help but notice the tiny being on her table, deciding to capture this one instead of crushing it outright! Watch as she manhandles the teeny woman in her GIANT PALM! Tossing and rolling her around her palm as if she was nothing! Occasionally she’ll pick the teeny woman up to get a closer look, before dropping her down and glaring down at her! Finally this GIANTESS decides this flea woman isn’t worth her time, bringing the pad of one MASSIVE FINGER down on the helpless girl, pressing her flat and all the air from her lungs! Before she brings the magnifying glass over to make sure she’s finished! – No audio

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