Coach Wang in hot water! Caught playing

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Category: Shirinking Fetish
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Coach Wang has be shrinking himself and jerking it inside GIANT GIRL SNEAKERS for years, he never thought it would be a problem, until the Fiery Red Head came back suddenly and found him with his pants down! “Oh my gosh… Is that you Coach WANG…”  now he’s in trouble! She quickly realizes what he’s been doing, asking “Do you get off on big feet…?” before the puny man to worship her HUGE SOCKED SOLE! Tell him he “couldn’t resist those big size tens could you…” – “now look at you… pathetic with your pants down”. Threatening to squash him at points, before asking him if this is his dream come true. Finally she asks what his wife is going to think when she finds out “that you shrunk yourself and have to live in my gigantic sneakers!”. Will even he make it that far?!? Or will he end up MUSHED under her stinky socks!  – Audio! Adios!

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