British Girl – Where did those daft little Japanese tourist go

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This Brit knew that most asian tour groups were small… but she didn’t know just how small they could get. She arrives at their suite to find no one about. She fiddles around with her phone making some calls, calling the head of the group visiting, getting no answers. Unbeknownst to her the little group hasn’t gone anywhere, they are just TINY TINY people in front of her. I guess nobody sent the memo… Too bad for the group as this girl’s GARGANTUAN FEET rain down judgement on the little pack of fleas. Pounding around until their luck runs out and a HUMONGOUS ROUND HEEL lands right on top of the lot, tattooing them into her GIGANTIC FOOT PRINT… these little tourist were hoping for an up close and personal look at England… now all they get is an intimate look into the cracks of this GIANTESS’ SOLES! – No Audio

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