Bratty Blonde Giant Soles Squash Her Tiny Step-brother and Friends

Category: Crush, Gigantess
Full Video: 6 Minutes
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“Oh great here comes Alyssa, hey WAIT STEP-SIS WAIT!!” Alyssa has never liked her little step brother Tommy, so when she finds out that he and his stupid friends shrunken themselves fooling around with the shrink ray, she seizes the opportunity to do away with him once and for all! After all who is going to be checking the bottoms of her feet or her grimmey flip flops for her step-brother if he goes missing? Nobody! She thunders up to the newly shrunken gnat boys and blesses them with her TOWERING SOLES! Raining them down from the heavens upon them as they scream for help! The tiny fleas are quickly silenced as she drops the ball of her foot over them, rolling it over them and flattening them THIN as paper. Until they’re former shadows of themselves, tattoo’d to her GIANT SOLES! – DISCOUTNED! – No audio

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